onsdag, desember 17, 2008

Macbeth - Foul Whispering, Stranbe Matters

Exploring the island allows you to experience the key milestones on Macbeth's journey.
Shakespeare's Macbeth is the story of a serial killer whose emotional journey is one from the will to power, through to bloodlust, moral confusion and ultimately to death.

I morgen kan du være med på ekskursjon på øyen Macbeth i Second Life:

This week at Gronstedt Group’s Train for Success, Angela Thomas, aka Anya Ixchel,will join us from Australia, for a tour of FOUL WHISPERINGS, STRANGE MATTERS, an extremely innovative approach to bringing Shakespeare's Macbeth into a virtual worlds environment. Anyone involved in learning and communication will be inspired by this must-see attraction.
When: Thursday Dec 18, 9.00-10,00 PST/noon-1.00 EST/18.00-19.00 Continental Europe

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