søndag, august 19, 2007

Podcast: 1 - 2007: Tim Rudd - Futurelab - på HSH

People need to go to school, so they can take part in the economy (...), why do we refuse them the tools we would use in our workplace?

Senior researcherTim Rudd from Futurelab UK : Re-thinking learning and learning spaces: new technologies and future possibilities. The talk was given at HSH for 1st and 2nd year master students, on the first get-together this semester.

Tim Rudd starts his talk by giving an introduction on Futurelab's principles and educational visions on learning. What is learning? Where does it take place? Enjoy the successful Futurelab projects in the presentation. Check out the links below:
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Music in podcast by: Tran Qual - Drop Out And Tune In
Fountaineers Movie (bottom right corner)
Media Scape Movie

Link update 21.08.07 - from Tim Rudd :

Create a Scape
Crdeate a Scape Projects
Enquiring Minds
Enquiring Minds Projects
Mobi Missions

Thanks to Tim Rudd and the staff at HSH for sharing this talk.
Feel free to comment. Questions will be redirected to Tim Rudd: tim.rudd@futurelab.org.uk

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