mandag, april 20, 2009

British Council in Teen Second Life

A small step for an avatar - but a major step for European students and educators wanting to join Teen Second Life!


I'll blog this in English, so that hopefully more educators find this entrance into TSL.

As some of you know, I've spent time, trying to find a favorible way to get student and teacher a bridge in to Teen Second Life - TSL.

I think I finally did. The bridge is: Graham Stanley, AKA Baldric Commons (SL), from the British Council in Teen SL - TSL. The British Council have been in TSL for 2 years, and have 1300 students registered. And they want more!

Stanley spends 50% of his working hours on the project, and tells that it takes a lot of work, and that the progres is slow. And if you don't think it's worth it, keep reading!

At the time, they are working on a duplicate island placed in the main grid, for teachers to look for them selves what the teen island is like. They are adding to it at the moment, and have to quests you can try: The Robin Hood Quest and the Merlin Quest. More is to comes soon, as they just hired 4 more teachers to work on the project. They recently won funding, which makes it possible to keep up for one more year.

"The Israel teachers do a grand job.", they have after school projects, and teens from Arabia and Israel are working together! The main drive is to get students together to talk to each other, Stanley says, and a lot of my time is spent trying to promote it internally and externally.

Below you find what Stanley needs from students and teachers to register at the British Council Isle?

The student:
  • Students names
  • their date of birth
  • an e-mail address - from each one of them
The teacher:
  • A background check (done by a 3 part, or throug your school (politiattest), and there is a charge to this). I've heard from some earlier that
  • Request need to come from an offficial educational e-mail
If you want to peak in, here's where you go:

I look forward to meeting Graham Stanley live during the speak at: Dei Gode Døma c",) Hope the technology is friendly that afternoon :)