fredag, juli 03, 2009


I went to a meeting with George Siemens - king of connectivism - yesterday, testing the conferencing tool: GoToMeeting. It looks and works pretty much like Elluminate (but it's not free - only free trial).

Elluminate is a great tool that I've used sometimes with the global blogosphere and mostly in Siemens's and Steven Downes's connectivism class - CCK08 - I enthusiastically joined in 2008 (and dropped out of :). There where, according to Siemens, a lot more dropouts then graduates. However, I will probably try to follow the new class that will take place this fall sometime (Update: 14. September 2009), but I will not be one of the graduates this time either I'm afraid.

Anyway, thanks to George for the open invites on Twitter, it's always fun to try a new tool - I learn something new every time and it's great to connect to other educators like this.

George is coming to Norway he said, but I missed out on where and when (because the link in chat was not activ ... Don'n know why...). If I find out, I will post it here: