torsdag, april 23, 2009

Dei Gode Døma: ICT and the transformation of learning:

Prof. Rosamund Sutherland, Bristol University, UK:

Examples of person plus:


What do you use ICT for?

People have to learn to use the tool in a transformative way.
ICT is part of our Curlture.
The computer in the dining room
The computer in the kitchen

Living is learning
Learninginvolves learning to use new tools
People activiely make sense
"Learning is social, and language is the master tool".
Teachers orchestrate "learning" in schools, intentional learning

  • Everything we do involves learning
  • Reading and books are important tools
  • Whatever situation people are in, they are theorising
  • Alle learning is influenced by previous learning
  • Children construct activity like a game

Designing for learning - orchestrating "international" learning:
There where 50 teachers in the project. The work of the design teams supported teachers to take the risk of experimenting with IDT in the classrom. 70% started ICT to do something differently, and succesfully to enhance student learning. In the project - stressed:

  • Choose a focused area of the curriculum which students nromally find difficult to learn, and do something differently with ICT. !
  • Use widely available an yet under-utilised software
  • Desing a learning environment which is informed by research
  • evaluate the larning intitiative - suing video
  • Don't be too ambitious

Composing in music: should school consentrate on using instruments, or ICT-software?

Students are discerners of literacy
Students engage with ICT
Creating a knowledge world
Professional development is key
The teacher is central -

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